Frozen Pies

~ shipped to your home ~

Wondering what all this frozen pie stuff is about? People love pie. Do you blame them? Not everybody lives close enough to come grab some of the world's best pie any time they want. They shouldn't be deprived, right? Not to mention, we have a lot of out-of-towners pass through and they love our pie so much they ask if we ship our pies. Our answer used to be, "we're working on it." Well, we've worked on it. We've tested it. Now we are excited that we can say "Yes, yes we do."

How it works:

We hand make the pies at the shop to order. Fresh freeze them then vacuum seal in all the goodness. Then on Mondays or Tuesday we get them all wrapped up safely and ship them via UPS Next Day or 2 Day service. All you have to do is heat up your frozen pie in your oven. They are so good, you might not even be able to tell that they were even frozen.

Are you local? Then you can order a fresh pie for pick up. Just give us a call and 24-48 hours notice.

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