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The Market

~ provisions & more ~

Welcome to The Boise Pie & Bakeshop Market!

We make a lot small batch items such as cold brew coffees & teas, hot sauces, sweet sauces, compotes, condiments and more. Some of these we make to sell, others  are used as ingredients for other products. We have been asked over the years if we could sell some of this or a little of that. Of course, we always try to accommodate our customers, so as these inquiries have racked up we have decided to make more available. We also plan to expand in the future and offer some products from other small local purveyors.

Some of these we will have in stock most days, but many it is best to call ahead. Many of the items will need to be special ordered. Most will only require a few days to produce. Have a gander and if there's something you know we make that you don't see but just have to have in your pantry, fridge, or freezer just let us know.

Cold Brew Coffees & Teas
32oz Growlers*

Black Magic $12

house made cold brew coffee

Buzzbomb Iced Tea $12

Citrus iced tea with ​ginger and honey

New Orleans Cold Brew $15

our cold brew coffee with chicory, cream, and simple syrup

Sweet Leaf Cold Brew  $15

our cold brew mixed with cream, simple syrup, and fresh mint

Thai Iced Tea $15

Thai iced tea with cream


Thai Lightning $17

Thai iced tea with coconut cream

Vanilla Iced Tea Latte $12

black iced tea with cream and vanilla syrup

Vietnamese Blues $17

Vietnamese style cold brew - coffee, chicory, sweetened condensed milk

White Lightning $17
banana custard, vanilla wafers, & sliced bananas  inside a full vanilla wafer crust, topped with whipped cream &
vanilla wafer crumbles

House Made Beverages
32oz Growlers*

Lemonade $12

our house lemonade

Huckleberry Lemonade $15

our house lemonade with huckleberry syrup

Sweet & Creamy Lemonade $14

our house lemonade mixed with cream & honey


Darkness Descends
1lb of our ground French roast

Styx River
1 lb of our medium roast

Purgatory - House Blend

1 lb of a special mix of our two coffees

Ground Coffee $15
* growlers are approximately 4, 8 oz servings
Spicy Provisions

Creeping Death Chile $8

5oz bottle of our green sauce with a silky blend of jalapeño & serrano peppers with tomatillos

Ghosts of War Chile $8

5oz bottle of our house favorite - a spicy blend of serrano & ghost peppers with tomatoes and tomatillos.

Pickled Jalapenos $8

8oz of our house pickled sliced jalapenos.

Voodoo Fire Chile $8

5oz bottle of our red sauce with spicy red peppers and tomatoes.

Sweet & Savory Provisions

Caramel $8

8oz of our house caramel sauce

Caramel - Spicy $8

8oz of our spicy caramel sauce

Boise Berry Compote $10

8oz of our Boise berry compote

Huckleberry $12

8oz of our gooey huckleberry compote

Red House Vinegar $5
5oz bottle of our house made red wine vinegar

Marshmallow Creme $5

8oz of our marshmallow creme

Whipped Cream $5

8oz of our whipped cream

Frozen Provisions
Meat Pies - 12oz $10 | 22oz $20

Chicken Pot Pie
diced chicken in our creamy roux with mixed veggies in our traditional crust

Dublin Pie
ground beef & lamb, mushrooms, onions, cooked in a locally brewed dark ale gravy, topped with cheese and crust 

Shepherd’s Pie
our ground beef version in gravy with mixed veggies topped with mashed potatoes & melted cheese

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