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Boise Pie Co.

Coffee, Eats, & Sweets!


FRI - SAT 10AM - 5PM

New Outdoor seating!


Everything's Fresh & Homemade.

Homemade Pies & Treats
Cold Brew Coffee
Sandwiches & More

Boise Pie Company

Welcome to the Boise Pie Company!


We are a family owned and operated business and we take pride in every dish and product we make. We put the care, attention, and quality you deserve in every dish we serve as if we were placing it on our own dinner table.

Enjoy and come back soon!



We make our products in house with quality ingredients and use care to ensure a delicious product for you to enjoy. We take pride in what we create, how we create it, and how we serve it.


We believe our pies and food offer more than a fix for a sweet tooth; they provide an experience to be shared with friends & family.

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